About Us


About Us

Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl through a pair of green goggles. You may know what you are doing, but no one else does.
— Cyrus McCormick

Who We Are

Derr Marketing Agency is the vision of our company’s president, Austin J. Derr, to give back to his hometown by providing 21st century marketing services to the backbone of industry: small businesses. Despite much adversity and discouragement from peers and superiors alike, Austin buckled down and went through all the necessary hoops of creating a business while still in high school. His efforts would inspire others to share the same vision, and fight against the growing sentiment that Keokuk is a dwindling town. Our agency is staffed by those of an ambitious, younger generation; we have a dream of propelling Keokuk into the modern world, and seeing it thrive.


Austin Derr, President

Born and raised in Keokuk, Iowa, Austin has been making professional and academic websites for 6 years. His first experience with web design started in middle school as a project for the non-profit academic program National History Day, an annual contest for students in grades 6-12. Austin, and his team of peers, entered their created website, which proceeded to win the district championship; he is now a three-time district champion in the National History Day circuit. For his junior year of high school, Austin submitted a website pertaining to the monumental Keokuk Dam, which achieved the state-level Science and Engineering award. His involvement in the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programs equipped him with superb management skills, and his invaluable experience gained at Business Horizons instilled a strong appreciation of business within him. The vision of Derr Marketing has strong altruistic roots, which is best demonstrated by Austin’s continued efforts and support of the World Food Prize organization


Gabriel Jones, Vice President

With a passion for business and a creative mind, Gabe has a keen sense of social media management and advertisement. Social media, in the last decade alone, has grown exponentially as a marketing and advertising platform, and Google ads are imperative for a business’s longstanding success. Gabe also specializes in SEO (search engine optimization), which requires constant management of a business’s online presence and marketing. He is equipped with an unrivaled 21st Century skill set; he has received multiple awards in creative writing from local and state level competitions, demonstrating his talent in crafting coherent and innovative social media posts as well as blog posts needed for SEO. Gabe is a two-time National History Day district champion, and was on Austin’s team of website developers.

Gabe and Austin became fast friends in high school, and when Austin presented his vision of Derr Corporation to him, he was all in. Once the pieces of establishing the corporation fell into place, Gabe was promoted to Vice President.

What We Do

We at Derr Marketing Agency provide web design, social media management, online advertising, and consulting services to Keokuk and the Tri-State area. Don’t have a website, or maybe your website hasn’t been touched in years? Our development team can create beautiful, efficient, and mobile-friendly websites for your business, and our specialists can place them at the top of search engine result pages. Have trouble with marketing over social media? We can establish a reputable and growing profile or page on any desired platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Have you ever been browsing the internet, and you see ad banners at the bottom or on the sides of whatever you are looking at? Your business can be promoted in the same way, to your desired customers, at your desired rate. Derr Marketing Agency will provide you with analytics of your online success, as well as weekly updates of your ad campaigns.